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Slikk, the leading TikTok ads agency, specializes in TikTok ads management. We generate more leads, customers, app installs, and sales. With more than 1.59 billion users worldwide, TikTok has created a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience with incredible accuracy and with any sized budget. With TikTok ads, you choose the type of people you want to reach, and we deliver your ads to them. We bring you results by delivering TikTok ads to a relevant audience most likely to convert.


We Deliver Video Ads with Superior Quality, Efficiency, and Cost-Effectiveness

Choose Your Package

50 Videos


Email Support

Customer success manager

Cost $2,000

100 Videos


Priority email & live chat support

Monthly content strategy 

2 free edit requests per video

Customer success manager


Cost $3,500

Best seller

200 Videos


direct Customer success manager

Monthly content strategy 

4 free edit requests per video

Quarterly content strategy  calendar management

High-level content customization and personalized campaigns


Cost $6,500

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