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The Slikk creative department specializes in creating content and challenges that are tailored specifically to each brand. They focus on creating content that is entertaining, engaging, and viral-worthy. The creative team comes up with creative ways to challenge the brand, its customers, and its followers. They work with the brand to create custom challenges, identify influencers to help promote the challenge, and create content that will be seen and shared by the right audience. The team also helps the brand monitor the challenge and measure results.

film & Editor

Slikk creates and operates TikTok pages for brands. Today, every company owns FB and Instagram pages, so creating a presence on TikTok & Reels is of great importance that indicates that the same company is at the top of the industry. We manage TikTok accounts while filming, editing adapted to the platform, and uploading content on a daily basis. We also create strategies that leverage TikTok’s algorithm to ensure our clients’ content reaches a wider audience. Cool Isn't it?


Slikk manages TikTok accounts for its clients in order to create high exposure to relevant target audiences. All in order to increase conversions and make purchases of the company's products.

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