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when content meets technology

What happens on TikTok, doesn't stay on TikTok

Bottom line, TikTok is a video editing app that has become the most popular social platform in the world. At Slikk, we create creative content on TikTok for brands and share it also outside of TikTok. We found that TikTok content works even better than other platform's content, such as Facebook, Instagram, Reels, Twitter, Native, Websites, In-app and more. What do we mean by "works better"? Higher engagement, and eventually more conversions.  By creating amazing TikTok content and using the right exposure tools, we manage to achieve better branding and higher performance to our clients by demand. At Slikk, we recognize that marketing on TikTok involves more than just creating content. We also understand the importance of audience targeting, paid media, and analytics. Our team works in close collaboration with our clients to develop a successful TikTok strategy that is tailored to their business objectives. We have a proven track record of success on TikTok and we are confident that our approach will help your business reach its goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Work flow using real time trend discovery technology 


A brand that wants to advertising campaign and meet with relevant and engaged users

slikk content department

Slikk content team creates content according to the brand's needs and using technology of Real Time Trend Discovery

slikk campaign department

Using the relevant content, the Campaign team creates advertising campaigns through the most effective advertising platforms, for the same brand (Web, Mobile, Social, Search, Native etc)

engaged audience

The brand is exposed to the most relevant audiences, while presenting them with  trendy ads that meets their needs

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